Lunch – at work, at home or eating out. October 13 2015

It’s all very well to follow a new food plan, but when you give up bread for lunch what exactly do you have instead??

There are lots of alternatives. It does take a bit of planning, but there are staples you can always have ready to go.

One of my favourite lunches is my yoghurt granola treat. I take 3 – 4 ozs of full fat Greek yoghurt and put an ounce of mixed berries in on top. Aldi sells frozen berries – really handy if you don’t have a fridge to put lunch in – it keeps it cool! Their berries don’t have to be boiled before use but the Lidl ones do. It can add a different dimension to the lunch depending on whether the berries are boiled or not. Then I throw in whatever nuts are to hand – the easiest are flaked almonds – so tasty – and no bashing involved! I usually add a good dash of desiccated coconut and some poppy seeds – although they can get stuck in the teeth so I limit them!

A new recipe which I have yet to try is a smoothie – mix a good dollop of almond butter with a handful of strawberries and a few ounces of Greek yoghurt along with some ice cubes. Blitz in the liquidiser and either eat immediately or take to work for later.  I’ll try that one this weekend and let you know how it goes.

Another great lunch uses up leftovers from dinner the night before. My mother is a great believer in cooking more than you need – with nine of us in the family I suppose it was hard to gauge exactly how much to cook. So on Monday I had salad leaves, peppers – roasted for dinner on Sunday evening and let cool – lovely fresh as well – tomato, radish, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil with garlic in. I took the chicken to work cold and did a quick reheat if that in the microwave – skin on – it’s important to keep fat content up because that helps to fill you.

Today I had duck breast with herby leaves and a little cheddar cheese. It was fabulous. Again, I cooked the duck last night when the oven was on for the children’s tea.

If you have nothing in the cupboard cheddar cheese and Banting crackers is always a handy option. Even if you have no cheese a bit of butter on said crackers is equally lovely.  The sesame crackers are gorgeous too – I’ll give you the recipe again.

I got mozzarella mini balls recently and had them with poached eggs and salad one day at home. I added the best fat of them all – half an avocado – and the obligatory drizzle of olive oil – extra virgin – heaven on a plate.

My husband’s favourite lunch is soup – he likes the tomato soup but he also makes a meat soup at the weekend which he sometimes brings to work with him – not a lot of fat in that – shin beef cooked with leeks, carrots and a bit of Kallio organic vegetable stock.


This food plan is not all doom and gloom you know. This was lunch for me last Sunday in Avoca.  Crab with fennel salad in a honey and mustard dressing – most of which I left behind – the dressing that is – the only part of the salad I left was the pink grapefruit – I then had some of their broccoli and feta salad later with their French dressing  – totally gorgeous and no harm for a banter there. The net result? A pound off the next day.

I need to go – a walk planned at 8 – to help burn up some of my new found energy!

Back from a speedy walk and had to post about the almond butter smoothie – I measured nothing, just threw some almond butter, a bit of greek yoghurt and some frozen berries in to the food processor with a bit of ice – my husband has a new favourite breakfast treat! It actually looks a bit like icecream – and tastes just as good – the almond butter is amazing – really good – a finer texture and taste than the peanut butter. This is a great treat for anyone who is finding it difficult to cut protein and eat enough fat in a day.

Almond butter smoothie

Next time I’ll share some fascinating facts about Himalayan salt and why you need to take lots of it every day. I’ll also suggest a few ways you can incorporate this lifestyle into the eating habits of your children without them having to lose weight – banting is a way of life remember – it’s not just for weight loss. A banter can happily maintain by balancing protein and fat intake a little more, and by increasing good carbs. More anon.

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