Banting desserts – is there such a thing? October 26 2015.

I know I said that I’s make the banting lasagne and post about it next but there’s a bit of work in that and so it’ll have to be later in the week!

I hope everyone has enjoyed the Bank holiday and feels like they have overindulged in a big way. Not so in our house. I visited my parents and my mother kindly refrained from making her signature bake – apple tart – on an oven tray – swimming in sugar. She was keeping temptation from Paddy but he is on a roll these days so was quite happy not to indulge at any rate.

It did set me thinking about the social aspect of banting. There has to be a way for this lifestyle to fit in with other less extreme eating plans. Is there any way I could make desserts that my Dad a chocoholic would love that would also be banting friendly. So I came up with a recipe for a chocolate mousse – I got the idea from a banter on the website – Kim thank you! She suggested making a chocolate mousse with three ingredients – avocado, cream and cocoa with a spoon of xylitol to taste.

So I whipped my cream, opened my avocado – only to find that it was not at all ripe – I hate that – they are easy to find in the supermarket but it’s a curse because they are often either too ripe and gone brown or unripe and inedible. Anyway. I had the cream ready, the cocoa waiting – and then remembered my mascarpone in the fridge! Out it came – I don’t do amounts but I used about 150 mls of cream and about 70 gms of mascarpone. I whipped the cream first then whipped the two ¬†together for a bit and then added about 30 gms of cocoa powder. It immediately seized up! Oops! I had obviously beaten the cheese and cream a little too vociferously!

IMG_0299IMG_0302 (1)IMG_0303

Anyway. I added less than two teaspoons of xylitol and a little more runny cream and used a spoon to loosen it up.

Oh my goodness!

Such a tasty dessert. The wonderful thing about it all is that I used a total of only two teaspoonfuls of xylitol in that whole dessert – it made three generous portions –


this is the packet I bought nine weeks ago when I started banting and I still have barely used any.

I topped the dessert with a few raspberries and a little coconut – it really is lovely!


The end result is lovely but next time I will add the cream cheese and cream at the same time, whip them a little less, and use a spatula to mix the cocoa in. I will also put a half teaspoon of vanilla essence in for taste.

Try and enjoy!

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