Pork in white wine and cream. April 17th 2016

Final post – I need to get back to work! Another “let’s see what I need to use up in the fridge” recipe inspired by my older brother’s pork dinner of a few months ago.

Pork in white wine and cream


  • 900 gms pork pieces
  • 60gms butter
  • 1 leek chopped finely
  • 125gms chopped chorizo
  • 2 tblsps pesto – I used my wild garlic homemade one
  • 250mls white wine
  • 1 stock cube and 250mls water
  • i50 mls cream

I fried off the pork in Paddy’s bacon fat – he had a lovely lunch today – and put it into a separate saucepan. I used a medium pan and fried it off in two batches – otherwise it just sort of broils instead of fries in the pan and leaves the meat very tough. I put the butter into the pan and sauteed off the the leeks slowly. When they were softened I added the chorizo and the pesto and cooked that off for five minutes, then threw all on top of the pork.

I added the wine, water and stock cube to the saucepan and let the lot simmer for twenty minutes with the lid on at a low heat. I then added the cream and voila – Sunday dinner made – being served tonight with broccoli for the banters and with rice and carrots for the non banting family members!

I’ll let you know how the couch to five k is going soon….


4 Replies to “Pork in white wine and cream. April 17th 2016”

    1. Hi Deirdre I’m not sure but six of us ate dinner that evening – three children with big appetites and three adults. It was gorgeous – very filling and very tasty – the children even loved it! Good luck with it if you make it.


      1. Hi Orla
        We did and it did the 5 of us (4 adults and 1 nearly full adult teenager) plus extra for lunch the next day – it was delicious and even better for lunch!


      2. I’m delighted you enjoyed it Deirdre! Yes. It gains something in the cooling and settling process I think.


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