On again, off again – the cycle continues. August 1st 2016.

I took July off – from the blog that is, as other things were occupying my head. I corrected for the whole month and had no time hardly to breathe let alone blog.

I haven’t stopped banting but I have had a bad month of it. I have actually lost twenty pounds – but unfortunately they are the same ten pounds that I gained and lost twice – and have back on again for the third time. Every summer I think that I will get to lose weight and organise my life. Instead when the school term is out so are my good intentions. I haven’t stopped banting – I have just slipped off the wagon more than I should have.

What’s the secret to getting back on?

Reading, organising the pantry and not beating myself up. I was doing really well then had my parents’ sixtieth wedding anniversary party. I didn’t break out at that – I waited till I went home then broke out. That is part of the addictive nature of my habits – I don’t cheat with good stuff – I deprive myself then go home and gorge to satisfy the girl who didn’t eat the cake at the party!

I spent a couple of days in Cork in a most divine part of the world – Glengarriff – and managed for the first two days to stay on banting track. Then I decided to break out. Therein lies the problem. I am back to my binging ways when I break out – I really break out and eat all I can find. So that is the task for August – how to stay on track and if not, how to break out without actually killing myself by overindulgence!

I haven’t been reading the Realmealrevolution.com pages, so I am back to that. Yesterday I made crackers and banting bread, and some banting brownie – all to remind myself that I can eat lots of lovely things while banting. It’s a question of retraining those tastebuds again. I tried twice before to get back on track by intermittent fasting – I think maybe I need to give the fasting a break until my body releases me from the old addiction to sugar. It is very scary how quickly that heroin gets back in – and like heroin you cannot stop the binging. It is all consuming. They say knowing the problem is half the battle. Now I need to up my game on the other half of the fight!

I’ll keep you posted. One pound gone – nine more to go! Maybe my problem is I keep thinking I’m a sprinter when in fact I’m more of a long distance cross country type!




4 Replies to “On again, off again – the cycle continues. August 1st 2016.”

  1. Keep on Keeping on Orla! I find it hard to stick to a routine in the summer time also. Too much casual eating and eating out!! Back to it today though. Banting browniws sound great. Can you post your recipe??


    1. Hi Deirdre! Four pounds off of the ten but no lower – a killer but I’m resigned to the fact that I’ll start again once I’m back at school – next week! And I’m in a much better place than this time last year so that is a positive.
      I use two brownie recipes. One is actually a cake – keeps very well in the fridge – it’s been in mine for a week now and paddy is still eating it. That one is on a blog – here’s the link – https://bakingandb.wordpress.com/2014/10/08/woman-down/fullsizerender-4/
      The other recipe is Jamie Oliver’s bloomin brilliant brownies. I substituted chocolate for a bar of Lindt 90% and the sugar for xylitol. I used all cocoa instead of flour and cocoa. You could try using ground almonds in place of the flour either.
      Let me know how they go!


  2. Hi Orla,
    Tried yourversion of Jamie’s brilliant brownies last night with ground almonds. They were a bit crumbly once cooled (a bit of brownie crumble isn’t to be sniffed at), but tasted great. Will try the cake next. Where do you get almond flour? Well done on getting back on track! Deirdre


    1. Hi Deirdre. I buy it in my local health food shop. But I often use the Lidl or Supervalu ground almonds – they work just as well. I made the brownies with all cocoa powder too and they were very black but didn’t crumble at all. The almond one works well if you keep it in the fridge – hope you’re getting on well too!


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