Standing still again…22nd September 2016.

I was so excited.

I got back to my lowest yet – and then happily looked forward to the continuing trend – downwards ever downwards.

Except that didn’t happen. As the scales stopped my body decided that was enough for now – and I am stuck again.

I tell a lie. I’m actually up a few pounds again because I had a blowout on Tuesday evening – wine and chocolate and biscuits – so good – and so bad that my body has been in freefall for the last two days dealing with the sugar rush.

I wonder will there ever be a day when I am fully “cured”? If I were an alcoholic that night of bingeing would have started an avalanche of  more of the same. I didn’t do that – but I had some extra carbs yesterday, and tonight had more protein than I wanted or needed – bad habits coming back.

It is so bloody annoying when you try so hard and the scales stay stuck. I did however on a more positive note finally join an exercise class – a pilates one with some friends from work – I enjoyed the first night and have tried to focus on my core all week since – well when I think of it!

So I will try again to shift those few pounds again and see if I can get the slow boat moving again – don’t hold your breath any of you for fear you might expire in the process!

I’m too tired to post a longer entry – I did make some nice – non sweet – food at the weekend but I haven’t the energy to post the pictures – I made a gorgeous vegetable dish but I need to be in my full health to write it up – it is a dish that takes four hours to prepare but my God – it is worth the work! Called and Italian gateau – it’s truly yummy. I will post it up at the weekend. For now it’s time to sit back and pray for Friday!



2 Replies to “Standing still again…22nd September 2016.”

  1. I know that feeling all too well! Just keep plodding on – you just have to string enough Banting days together to see results. You will get there.

    (PS: I think the date in your headline is out by a month!)


  2. Oops!
    You’re right – thank you – I’ve fixed it now! It’s so annoying when it stops again but to be honest I’m in such a different place to last year that really I’m okay with my progress – slow as it is – it’s better than going the other way!


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