I haven’t actually disappeared off the face of the earth – it just feels like that! February 2nd 2017.

I must apologise for not posting sooner. Sometimes life just gets in the way – and we use excuses not to post because we have nothing positive to say about the journey.

I had a busy Christmas – sick for the first week and then my parents were unwell – no permanent damage thankfully, but enough to make me a little busy for a few weeks, and to make me reassess my work life balance and take a few steps to redress that.

We can so easily forget that we work to live. For a long while I have felt like I was just living to work. Don’t think I don’t love my job – I absolutely do – and in fact since the New Year I am loving it even more – mostly because when my parents were incapacitated I let work take its rightful place in my life – as my job not my life. Suddenly I am far more efficient – I am teaching far more efficiently and effectively, and enjoying it so much more – as ironically are my students – I hope! I think anyway!

I still decided that I didn’t have time to blog – I did, but I chose not to. I made excuses for not being here, but the reality was I was not prepared for the honesty box yet – today I am. I was on a roll there before the holidays. I actually lost about six pounds before Christmas to get down to my lowest again in months. I felt great and I looked great – and knew it! Then I got sick… I had the flu from Christmas Eve to the 29th of December and as per usual at at Christmas spent every day in bed – only this year I had a valid reason for it – shock – I was even too miserable to watch television!

I ate quite well and put on no weight. Until January 1 when I suddenly went bananas and could not be dragged away from the table. As a result I undid all the good work from before Christmas and added another four pounds to the trouble.

Okay. Thinking positively. I’m back banting properly. Tonight I made a proper banting meal. I am eating avocados, eggs, nuts and salad. I have had a good week of eating. If I can just stay on target this weekend I’ll get back to where I want to be.

I have discovered that I can no longer eat bread at all now – I had some last weekend and felt so ill it wasn’t even funny. I realise the power of that awful sugar – it’s so interesting to watch the programme on TV 3 at the moment – Sugar Free Farm – so many people are beginning to see the light about it. I haven’t baked for banting purposes but I think I should – when there is something good there I can at least stay on track – or maybe I need to make the little chocolate or lemon pots – I will need ammunition against the sugar cravings that come at about nine o clock every evening.

A friend at work goes to bed early – so that she doesn’t eat junk at night – maybe I need to look at my bedtime!

I will post a few links to some lovely recipes in the next few days. Tonight’s dinner was a winner – mince stuffed peppers – really tasty and perfectly banting friendly. I’ve missed the richer foods in the plan – and maybe that’s why I’m finding it harder to stay focused – so let’s try that and see if it helps.

Good luck to you all!