I haven’t actually disappeared off the face of the earth – it just feels like that! February 2nd 2017.

I must apologise for not posting sooner. Sometimes life just gets in the way – and we use excuses not to post because we have nothing positive to say about the journey.

I had a busy Christmas – sick for the first week and then my parents were unwell – no permanent damage thankfully, but enough to make me a little busy for a few weeks, and to make me reassess my work life balance and take a few steps to redress that.

We can so easily forget that we work to live. For a long while I have felt like I was just living to work. Don’t think I don’t love my job – I absolutely do – and in fact since the New Year I am loving it even more – mostly because when my parents were incapacitated I let work take its rightful place in my life – as my job not my life. Suddenly I am far more efficient – I am teaching far more efficiently and effectively, and enjoying it so much more – as ironically are my students – I hope! I think anyway!

I still decided that I didn’t have time to blog – I did, but I chose not to. I made excuses for not being here, but the reality was I was not prepared for the honesty box yet – today I am. I was on a roll there before the holidays. I actually lost about six pounds before Christmas to get down to my lowest again in months. I felt great and I looked great – and knew it! Then I got sick… I had the flu from Christmas Eve to the 29th of December and as per usual at at Christmas spent every day in bed – only this year I had a valid reason for it – shock – I was even too miserable to watch television!

I ate quite well and put on no weight. Until January 1 when I suddenly went bananas and could not be dragged away from the table. As a result I undid all the good work from before Christmas and added another four pounds to the trouble.

Okay. Thinking positively. I’m back banting properly. Tonight I made a proper banting meal. I am eating avocados, eggs, nuts and salad. I have had a good week of eating. If I can just stay on target this weekend I’ll get back to where I want to be.

I have discovered that I can no longer eat bread at all now – I had some last weekend and felt so ill it wasn’t even funny. I realise the power of that awful sugar – it’s so interesting to watch the programme on TV 3 at the moment – Sugar Free Farm – so many people are beginning to see the light about it. I haven’t baked for banting purposes but I think I should – when there is something good there I can at least stay on track – or maybe I need to make the little chocolate or lemon pots – I will need ammunition against the sugar cravings that come at about nine o clock every evening.

A friend at work goes to bed early – so that she doesn’t eat junk at night – maybe I need to look at my bedtime!

I will post a few links to some lovely recipes in the next few days. Tonight’s dinner was a winner – mince stuffed peppers – really tasty and perfectly banting friendly. I’ve missed the richer foods in the plan – and maybe that’s why I’m finding it harder to stay focused – so let’s try that and see if it helps.

Good luck to you all!


New Year, new you! Or nearly new anyway. January 5 2016.

There’s always such a plethora of programmes, articles and information thrown at us in January about losing weight and getting fitter that I am surprised there isn’t a backlash against it all and an anti-fit campaign raging somewhere – maybe there is.

After I posted last week I felt so virtuous that I decided on New Year’s Eve that I could have another day of junk – I deserved it – and I had only put on four pounds after all – usually Christmas could be ten!

Unfortunately I learned too late that “cheating again” had major consequences, and it has been a very difficult week trying to shake off the excess.

I had a blowout of a day on New Year’s Day, and in fact New Year’s Eve wasn’t bad at all. I have issues with New Year’s Day in general – I know it is meant to be the start of something new for everyone but I don’t like to be led so I never have a good day on January 1. Usually it’s a rough one – and so it was this year…..

bisuits, cake, sweets, chocolate, not a lot of actual food on that list you’ll notice.

I was up seven pounds on January 2 and I felt like I had the world’s worst hangover. I’m not joking. It felt like I had been out to twenty four pubs the night before – and I hadn’t had any alcohol at all. I felt ill and unwell and terrible all day. I also was annoyed with myself that I had just eaten junk which hadn’t even tasted nice. My taste buds have definitely changed. I got no satisfaction from anything I tasted. The other part that upset me was that my BMI went over 39. It started at 43.64 and I had been down to 37.9.

I started back properly on Saturday. Here we are at Tuesday night – I’m about to head back to work and I have two of those seven pounds gone but I’m back in the zone. My BMI is more importantly below 39 again – it’s back to 38.74 – and that is such an incentive. I even went back onto the website and logged all the food I’ve eaten since then. I am eating a lot more these few days than I had gotten used to but I am following the banting mantra – if you are hungry eat – and I know that the quantity will reduce when my body gets used to the foods again.

I had some yogurt and berries and flaked almonds on Saturday – God I had forgotten how beautiful it all tasted. This morning I had two fried eggs and an avocado, and made a creamy chowder for tea which was gorgeous. I made some chicken broth and then took some of it and added a little cream, blitzed it smooth and then added my packet of fish pieces. It was delicious, and also satisfied my visual sense – it looked like chowder! The tomato based one is yummy but it doesn’t look like most chowder does.




I don’t want to be anyone different to who I am. We live in a society that teaches us to always want to be someone different, to always aim to be thinner, richer, happier. I’m happy as I am. My only goal is a health one. I want to be fit enough to run with my girls this summer, and able to keep up with the hectic pace of everyday living without feeling exhausted.

Happy New Year to all and good luck with your own challenges.

I will be tuning in to Operation Transformation, starting tomorrow evening, and signing up for the million pound challenge – maybe you will too – let me know how it goes for you. In the meantime I have five pounds that need to get back to where they belong – down the drain – I’ll keep you posted.